Investment Disclosures








Inquiries regarding the college’s investments should be directed to Grayson Meek, Comptroller.
Mailing address: 1400 College Drive, Waco, TX 76708

Investment Information Disclosures

  1. McLennan Community College does not employ outside investment advisors or managers.
  2. McLennan Community does not use soft dollar, directed brokerage or directed commission, commission recapture, or similar arrangements (these arrangements typically involve using brokerage commissions as a means of paying for other related investment services through credits of a portion of brokerage commissions paid rather than through direct payments, or using selected brokers who will rebate a portion of commissions they receive on trades for the investor).
  3. McLennan Community College is associated with the McLennan Community College Foundation. The contact information for this component unit is Kim Patterson, 1400 College Drive, Waco, TX 76708. The market value of the Foundation's investments as of August 31, 2022 are $29,146,519.