Financial Services FAQs

Does MCC accept credit cards?

  • MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards may be used to pay for tuition, fees, outstanding balances and bookstore charges.

Where do I get a copy of my class schedule?

Where do I get my parking decal?

  • Parking decals may be picked up at the Business Office.

When will I get a check for my refund of tuition and fees?

  • Refunds are sent according to your preference you selected when you activated your student ID.

When will I receive my work-study paycheck?

  • Work Study payroll is disbursed according to your payroll preference on the 8th of each month. If the 8th falls on a holiday or a weekend, then work study payroll is disbursed on the next business day.

Where do I pay for a parking fine?

  • Parking fines should be paid for in the Business Office.

When will my Financial Aid check (Pell, TPEG, SEOG,etc) be available?

  • All Financial Aid funds are disbursed as they become available.

Does MCC allow installment payments for tuition and fees?

  • MCC offers an Installment Plan to pay for tuition and fees for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters for a fee of $25.00. The down payment and number of payments depends on the date you elect to begin the payment plan. For your convenience, the Installment plan can be set-up on line at