Undergraduate Research

McLennan focuses on providing outstanding hands-on experiences for all students. Providing exciting opportunities for undergraduate research gives our students a new perspective on learning, as well as valuable knowledge that helps them stand out when applying to universities, programs and jobs.

  • Field Courses

    Marine Biology Field Course

    So many of the earth's biological processes are happening underwater, and you can explore them in the Marine Biology Field Course. Join other students on a trip to tropical Honduras and gain hands-on experience in scientific research and dissemination. Bring your bathing suit!

    Geology Field Course

    You can discover the intersection of biological and earth sciences first hand in the Geology Field Course. Experience the natural environment of the American Southwest in a dynamic learning environment while earning course credit. Get your boots on and get ready to enjoy the open air!


  • Student Research

    Students interested in conducting independent biological research may enroll in academic cooperative courses to work with faculty members and receive course credit for their work. McLennan students have conducted interesting research contributing to our body of biological knowledge. Students have the opportunity to travel, gain experience in their chosen field, and strengthen their resumes for college applications.

    Research Showcase

    • Stephani Clevenger, Spring 2015 Frequency of the three spot damselfish (Stegastes planifrons) and Staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis) in relation to percent coverage of coral White Band disease in Roatan, Honduras
    • Gail Brunton, Fall 2014 Territorial Behavior of Dusky Damselfish, Stegastes fuscus, in Roatan, Honduras
    • Bradley Gravitt, Fall 2014 Species richness and diversity in coral reef communities off the coast of Roatan, Honduras impacted by lionfish (Pterois volitans) invasion
    • Andrea Edie, Fall 2014 A behavioral study of cleaner fish, Bodianus rufus, (Spanish Hogfish) and their clients
    • Kara Schmidt, Fall 2014 A longitudinal study of fish bite area and the potential influence on Yellow-band Disease in corals of the Orbicella (formerly Montastraea) complex off the coast of Roatan, Honduras
    • Tracina Maiden, Fall 2014
      A population study of feral hogs in Hill and McLennan Counties, Texas- A comparison of deer feeder practices
    • Kara Schmidt, Spring 2014
      Potential influence of fish bites on yellow band disease in corals off the coast of Roatan, Honduras
    • Connor Pogue, Spring 2014
      Baseline hematology in Tursiops truncatus (Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins), Roatan, Honduras
    • Brianna Howard, Spring 2014
      The effects of a three-day juice fast on body composition and mood in a 19 year-old female: A case study
    • Clara Hernandez, Fall 2013
      Macroalgal preferences for Diadema antillarum on Mesoamerican reef in Roatan, Honduras
    • Jonathan Patterson, Fall 2012
      Elysa clarki behavior in relation to differing light cycles
    • Taryn S. McFarlane, Spring 2012
      Presence of invasive lionfish species, Pterois volitans, and the effects of predation on species richness and diversity in coral reef communities off the coast of Roatan, Honduras
    • Alicia Castro, Spring 2012
      A study of blue tang surgeonfish, Acanthurus coeruleus: Abundance and algal coverage in coral reef communities of Roatan, Honduras
    • Lauren Scott, Spring 2012
      The effects of pH and algal coverage on coral reef health in Roatan, Honduras
    • David Contreraz, Spring 2012
      Yellowtail damselfish, Chrysiptera parasema: Density and health of Montastraea annularis in coral reef communities of Roatan, Honduras
    • Jesus Salazar, Spring 2012
      Habitat adaptation and preference by threespot damselfish at Roatan, Honduras
    • Andrea Martinez, Spring 2012
      Water chemistry and algal coverage in the coral reef communities, Roatan, Honduras
    • Brittny Wiese, Spring 2012
      The causative agent of white plague disease
    • Christine Chavez, Spring 2012
      Compared relative abundance of surface macro-zooplankton in Roatan, Honduras
    • Emily Stein, Spring 2012
      A comparison of parrotfish populations in coral reef systems of Roatan, Honduras — The effect of nearby mangroves
    • Ruby Gasper, Spring 2012
      Relative abundance of Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) in relation to lionfish (Pterois volitans) Roatan Marine Park, Roatan, Honduras
    • David Contreraz and Alicia Castro, Spring 2012
      Effects of light intensity, moisture, pH, and soil nutrients: Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, on the growth of bryophytes in a riparian area of Waco, Texas
    • Elizabeth Johnson, Aundrea Stevens, Matt Cintayl and Dalton Meurer, Spring 2012
      Short-term, qualitative study of Quiscalus mexicanus in association with aversion, intraspecific and interspecific Behavior
    • Misty Alexander, Alicia Hudson, Sangina Singh and Delanna Norris, Fall 2011
      Tattoos: Risk taking correlation using 2D:4D Ratios
    • Josh Oliva, Sarah Coleman, Lindsey Garcia and Daniela Wiede, Fall 2011
      2D:4D finger ratios for obese females in Waco, Texas
    • Krystal Brenner, Verlene Dickey, Kels Kaiser, Charity Stephens, David Tucker and Blaine Tull, Fall 2011
      2D:4D finger ratios in recovering chemically dependent males
    • Brandon Le, Ryan Sok, Zach Neal and Richard Laskey, Fall 2011
      Correlation of religious behaviors and 2D:4D finger ratios in men