News & Highlights

McLennan student Stephani Clevenger received the Dennis Boe award at the 2015 Great Plains Honors Councils Conference for her research titled “Frequency of Three Spot Damselfish (Stegastes planifrons) and Staghorn Coral (Acropora cervicornis) in Relation to Percent Coverage of Coral White Band Disease in Roatan, Honduras.”

Kara Schmidt received the Best Poster Presentation Award in the Marine Sciences Division at the 2015 Texas Academy of Sciences Meeting in San Antonio.

Hayden-McNeil Publishing released its first anatomy dissection guide e-release “Fetal Pig Dissection Guide with Index” by McLennan’s Dennis Strete and former McLennan faculty Nicholas Green. The book consists of over 150 high-quality photographs and illustrations with a clear and detailed focus on presenting anatomy. It includes an introduction to the individual organ systems with background on the organization, function and biological context of each system.

Paulina Sidwell and two McLennan students from the Mars 101 program were featured in an episode of Xploration Station, "Exploration Outer Space: Prepping for Mars."

Students in Lewis Snell's course visit the Lake Waco Wetlands to learn about animals and their natural habitats.

A visit to the zoo with Michelle Rapier's class provides opportunities to learn about animal behavior and husbandry, among many other things.

Fish shocking on the Brazos River gives students a hands-on experience with scientific methods for censusing and introduces a novel way to catch a big fish.