Biological Sciences


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Dolphin, DNA, Leaf
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Butterfly on flower, orange cells, clownfish hiding
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Skeleton, creek with trees, drawing of 4 bird heads



Biological sciences focus on the study of living things including environmental, organismal, cellular and molecular levels of life. Students of the biological sciences have diverse interests, ranging from disease pathology to animal behavior to plant evolution. Biology lends itself to interdisciplinary techniques allowing for collaboration and broad discovery. There is truly something for everyone in this rapidly developing subject area.

Degree Opportunities

Many individuals with biology degrees go on to pursue professional, scientific or technical careers. Other continue into health care, conservation, industry, politics or education. The study of biology is founded in the scientific method, and a biology degree teaches students to problem solve and think critically. These higher-level skills are valuable assets to employers and make biology students highly marketable.

Biology Courses

McLennan Community College offers biology courses in a number of sub-disciplines such as microbiology, botany, zoology, nutrition, human anatomy and physiology, and genetics. The diverse experience of the biology faculty members provides students with a broad education in biological processes. Numerous opportunities are also available for independent studies with supportive and knowledgeable faculty advisors.