Music Industry Career Scholarships

Music Scholarships at McLennan Community College are available to all qualified students regardless of major. Award amounts are generous, varying from one-third to full tuition and fee reimbursement. (NOTE: This percentage is based on the published tuition and fee rate for an in-county resident to register for 12 semester hours. This does not include books and other special fees.)

  • What are the criteria for scholarship awards?

    MCC music scholarships are based on merit and the needs of the various MCC performing ensembles. Generally, awards are given for participation in rock, jazz, country, vocal, CCM and guitar ensembles. In addition to departmental scholarships, Music Industry Careers also has 9 Foundations scholarships that are awarded to 2nd year students. There are also 4 Audio Technology scholarships available to 2nd year audio students for running live sound at MIC concerts and for being audio lab assistants.

  • What is expected at the audition?

    We encourage you to prepare about five minutes of music for your audition. Suggestions are as follows:

    Vocalists- sing along with a backing track, accompany yourself on your preferred instrument or bring an accompanist. Please, no a cappella singing. We need to hear if you can sing in tune with instruments. Please prepare at least 2 varying styles: rock, jazz, country, ccm. You may be asked to sing long tones, scales or harmonies.

    Guitar, Bass, Keyboard and Drums—Please play along with a backing track in 2 contrasting styles: rock, jazz, country or bring your bandmates and play in one of our rehearsal rooms. Guitar, keys and bass students please be prepared to play scales, chords in different positions and/or prepared solos. Drummers, please play along with at least 2 varying styles: rock, jazz, country. Be prepared to play rudiments and take the “Kutz coordination challenge” in rock and jazz styles.

    We are looking for responsible students who will be our ensemble leaders on all fronts: great players who are always present and on time, music learned, good attitude and a positive role model for the ensemble.

    Feel free to make a video! We have received some very creative videos of players playing a few parts. Please make sure your video is of good quality and represents what you do best.

  • When will I be notified about the results of the scholarship audition?

    The Scholarship Committee will notify you within three weeks of the audition. You will need to sign and return the terms of agreement form or you will not receive the scholarship.

  • Do I have to be a music major to receive a music scholarship?

    No. You simply have to agree to the requirements of the scholarship which generally include the following:

    1. Participate in 2 MIC ensembles— rock, jazz, country, ccm or vocal tech.
    2. Register as a full-time student (minimum load of 12 semester hours)
    3. Maintain a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) in your music ensembles and an overall GPA of 2.5 in all classes.
    4. Register for studio lessons on your major instrument.
  • May I receive a scholarship for more than one semester?

    Yes. Generally, students will receive their scholarship for four semesters, providing they fulfill the scholarship requirements. Some students continue to receive music awards while enrolled in coursework through the University Center.

  • What other types of financial aid are available at MCC?

    Students are required to complete financial aid forms that are available from the Office of Financial Assistance. This office will assist you with other types of financial assistance, some which are based on merit, others which are based on need.