E. General

IV.  Business Cards
  1. VI. Commencement Committee
  2. VII. Commendation for Meritorious Conduct
  3. VIII. General Conduct Policy
    1. 1. The Discrimination Resolution Process Policy Guide
  4. IX. General Catalog / Publication and Distribution
  5. X. Lost and Found Depository
  6. XI. Mileage Reimbursement Rate
  7. XII. Campus Motor Vehicle Regulations
  8. XIII. Transportation Management
  9. XIV. 
  10. XV.
  11. XVI. National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  12. XVII. Intellectual Property
  13. XVIII. Signs, Posters and Literature, Petitions: On Campus
  14. XIX. Freedom of Expression
  15. XX.
    1. a. Signature Authority in Absence of President
  16. XXI. Faculty Council
  17. XXII. Fundraising and Soliciting
    1. a. Fundraising Activity Proposal Form
  18. XXIII. Tobacco Products Policy
  19. XXIV. Use of College Vehicles
  20. XXV. Policy on Drug-Free Workplace
    1. a. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program
  21. XXVI.
  22. XXVII. Open Records Policy
  23. XXVIII. Campus Crime and Security
    1. a. Sexual Misconduct Policy
    2. b. Emergency Response Plan
    3. c. Response Plan for Campus Electrical Failure
    4. d. Closed Circuit Security Monitoring and Recording of Public Areas for Safety and Security Purposes
    5. e. Lockdown Procedures
    6. f. Identity Theft Prevention Program
    7. g. Violence Free Campus Policy
    8. h. Timely Warnings for Campus Safety
  24. XXIX. Charitable Contribution Campaign
  25. XXX. Records Management
  26. XXXI. Responsible Use of College Computing Resources
    1. a. Social Media Policy
    2. b. Official E-mail Communication Policy
  27. XXXII. Emergency Notification System
  28. XXXIII. ADA Grievance Policy
  29. XXXIV. Nondiscrimination Policy
  30. XXXV. Service/Assistance Animals
  31. XXXVI. Campus Carry Policy
  32. XXXVII. Police Department Digital Media Devices & Recordings
  33. XXXVIII. Motor Vehicle Enforcement Policy
  34. XXXIX. Missing Student Notification Procedure
  35. XXXX. Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEW's)
  36. XXXXI. Face Coverings, Social Distancing & Related COVID-19 Precautionary Safety Requirements
  37. XXXXII.Right to Express Breast Milk in the Workplace