Professional & Organizational Development

"All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to the individual."

Albert Einstein (1875-1955)

The POD Department coordinates opportunities for MCC employees to develop their skills in an effort to improve the education and service to students and the community in order to achieve MCC's mission "to engage, educate and enrich its community." POD works with departments and committees across campus to offer a variety of opportunities such as professional development workshops, informational sessions, and Professional Development Day.

Too often, this is our approach to work. We are all busy with important things to do, but unless we acquire and improve the skills we use to accomplish our tasks, the work is more difficult and less effective than if we took a few moments to "sharpen the saw." Development is essential to doing your job and doing it well whether your job is teaching students or serving the community. I invite you to look at our POD course descriptions and register for those courses that will help you do what you do – only better.

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