Verification Process

What is Verification?

We are verifying the information you put on your FAFSA.

This process is completed online. That means you must check your e-mail often. Through e-mail, you will find out your status, if there are any other documents we need, etc.

If you are selected, your financial aid application will not be processed until Verification is complete.

How will I know if I am selected for Verification?

There are two ways.

  1. You will get an e-mail from FAFSA that includes your Student Aid Report (SAR). Your SAR will tell you if you have been chosen for Verification.
  2. The College will also send you an e-mail from “” with the subject line “Action is Required on Your Financial Aid Application.”

The Verification e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you listed on your FAFSA. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam.

If your Student Aid Report says you have been chosen for Verification, but you don’t get an e-mail, please call the Office of Financial Aid at 254-299-8698 or visit Highlander Central.

If you are a dependent student, your parents will also receive the same e-mail.

How to Complete the Verification Process

  1. The Verification e-mail will include a blue link. This link is your Personal URL (PURL). Click on the link. This will take you to the Verification Web page. Enter the requested information to register.
  2. Create your username, password and security questions. Be sure to choose things you will easily remember.
  3. If you are a dependent student, the Parent Information Box will appear. Enter the information requested. (Note: You will be asked to enter your parent’s e-mail address. Remember, it must be different than your e-mail address. If your parent does not have an e-mail address, they must get one to complete this process.) Click “Next” to continue. Note: Your parent must complete each step in the process before you can complete your step(s).
  4. You will be asked to complete requirements specific to your FAFSA and information on your tax return.

Verification Worksheet

This worksheet tells us who lives in your home, who is going to college, and what kind of income you had last year.

Tax Return

Visit the IRS Order a Transcript page for information on acceptable documents and how to order them.

What if my parent also goes to McLennan?

If your parent is a student at McLennan, he or she must have two different e-mail addresses: one to process your verification, and one to process his or her verification. Many free e-mail services are available.

What if my brother or sister is selected for Verification too?

If you and your brother or sister are both selected for Verification, your parent must have two different email addresses: one to process your Verification, and one to process your brother’s or sister’s Verification. Many free e-mail services are available.

How will I know when I’m done?

You will get an e-mail that tells you when you are done with Verification; the subject line will say, “Your Financial Aid Documents Have Been Successfully Reviewed.”