Contact Information for Requesting Transcripts

High Schools

  • Axtell High School - Contact the high school at 254-863-5301.
  • Bosqueville High School - Contact the high school counselor.
  • Bruceville-Eddy High School - Fill out the transcript request form with signatures and fax to 254-859-5001 or deliver to counselor.
  • China Spring High School - Call 254-836-1771 and ask for the Counseling Center.
  • Connally High School
  • Lorena High School - Call the high school at 254-857-4604 and ask for Debbi Voiles.
  • Mart High School
  • Midway High School
  • Moody High School
  • Reicher Catholic High School - Call 254-752-8349. If you’re a current student, ask for the counselor; if you’ve already graduated, ask for the registrar.
  • Robinson High School - Contact the high school counselor at 254-662-3840, ext. 509
  • Waco ISD - Visit the Student Records and Transcripts office at 501 Franklin Ave., on the first floor, to fill out a transcript request. For more information, call 254-755-9500. Or visit
  • Valley Mills High School - Call 254-932-5251.
  • West High School - Complete a transcript request form and turn it in or email it to a high school counselor or fax it to 254-826-7514.

Community Colleges