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Peer tutors are waiting to assist MCC and Univeristy Center students for free.Free tutoring services are available to all McLennan, University Center, and High School Pathways students on a first-come, first-served basis.

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For immediate academic support, students can set an appointment with a tutor via Upswing, call, email, visit our campus locations, or meet with staff on Zoom.


Phone: (254) 299-8500
Location: Learning Technology Center
(Zoom Meeting ID: 254 299 8500) 


AST strives to have tutoring available for all core subjects during open hours. Tutoring in specialized subjects is available based on a tutors’ schedules. Please log into Upswing for further information.

  1. Use the QR code above, click on the following link, or use the Upswing button in Brightspace:
  2. Enter your student username and password
    Your username is first name initial, last name initial and full 7 digit MCC ID.
    Example: Jane Doe - MCC ID# 1234567
    Username: jd1234567
    Your password is the same as it is for your student email account and WebAdvisor.
  3. Click on the “Meet with a Tutor” button.
  4. Search by Subject or Tutor.
  5. Use the “Schedule” Button under a tutor’s name to schedule for now later or the “Get Tutored Now” button if a tutor is currently available

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