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Peer tutors are waiting to assist MCC and Univeristy Center students for free.Free tutoring services are available to all McLennan, University Center, and High School Pathways students on a first-come, first-served basis.

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For immediate academic support, students can call, email, visit our campus locations, or contact us via Zoom.

Phone: (254) 299-8500
Location: Learning Technology Center
(Zoom Meeting ID: 254 299 8500) 


AST strives to have tutoring available for all core subjects during open hours. Tutoring in specialized subjects is available based on a tutors’ schedules. Please contact AST for further information.

Tutoring is also available online through Smarthinking, Plato, and LiveChat.

By the way…

If you have a study group, bring them to the Learning Commons to study! Numerous resources are available including private study rooms that can help enhance your group study sessions. Tutors can also be scheduled to help support or direct the session to make better use of the time. Let us know how they can help you and your study group be more successful.

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