Language, Literature, & Communication Division


The Division of Language, Literature, & Communication offers college courses in English, French, German, Spanish, and Speech, as well as developmental courses in Reading and Writing. Courses in these academic areas are basic components of a well-rounded general education, and completing them prepares students for personal and professional success at MCC and beyond, in workplaces, businesses, colleges, and universities everywhere.

The Writing Center in SC 222 assists students in all MCC disciplines, but especially in English, with software resources in grammar and word processing and one-on-one assistance. Whether students are working on academic projects such as essays and research projects or business letters and résumés, all services are free.

English classes designated "CAI" (Computer-Assisted Instruction) are taught in computer classrooms and require daily use of computers. CAI students get a head start on writing papers and in conducting online research needed for many types of writing assignments. Students should have basic keyboarding skills to enroll in CAI classes.