Committee Members

A committee, appointed by the President of MCC, Dr. Johnette McKown, has been tasked with the development of a policy for MCC that complies with Senate Bill 11,
The committee members include:

  • Dr. Fred Hills- Vice President of Instruction
  • Dr. Drew Canham - Chief of Staff for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Dr. Kurt Chunn - Co-Chair, Professor of Sociology and Psychology
  • Randy Cox - former MCC Board Member
  • Tamara Culver - Coordinator/Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Gene Gooch - Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Dustie Hamilton - Student Recruitment — Coordinator, Outreach & One-Stop Shop
  • Dr. Claudette Jackson - Coordinator, Student Activities
  • Dan Martinsen - Director, Library Services
  • Bryan Mohan - Groundskeeper Supervisor, Physical Plant
  • Robert Page - Co-Chair, Division Chair, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Jared Poteet - Student, Presidential Scholar
  • Logan Poteet - Student, Presidential Scholar
  • Brenda Price - Senior Executive Secretary, Instruction
  • Larry Radke - Director of Public Safety/Chief of MCC Police
  • Andria (Andi) Ramon - Professor, Government; Faculty Council President (2016-17)
  • Dr. Phil Rhodes - Vice President, Research, Effectiveness, and Information Technology
  • Dr. Arvis Scott - Professor, English
  • Jessica Shelton - Assistant Professor, Mental Health/Social Work
  • Dennis Stapleton - Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Shawn Trochim - Director of Athletics/Intercollegiate Athletics

The committee will work to craft a policy that complies with Senate Bill 11, and consultation with the students, faculty, staff and public will occur before a policy is developed and recommended to the President of MCC and the MCC Board of Trustees.