Scholarship Audition Checklist

Step 1: Schedule an audition time.

Call or e-mail the appropriate coordinator:

BandsMr. Jon Conrad, (254) 299-8220

ChoirsDr. Bonnie Sneed, (254) 299-8275

PianoMs. Lise Uhl, (254) 299-8287

Times may be reserved 3 weeks prior to the audition date. When you call, be prepared to tell us a.) your name, b.) which area you are auditioning for - band, choir, or piano, c.) what your instrument or voice part is, and d.) your contact info (phone, e-mail). If you wish, you may request an audition time via e-mail by including the above information.

Step 2: Complete the Music Scholarship Application Form.

Please print clearly or type and save to your computer. If you are uncertain of your college major, enter “undecided.” Supply the names of the persons you have requested to complete a Recommendation Form. If they do not have a title (“Choir Director,” etc.), briefly explain why you have selected them.

IMPORTANT: Once the form is completed, you may either e-mail, mail, or personally deliver it to the MCC Music Department. The Application Form must be received prior to scheduling an audition time.

Step 3: Ask at least two people to send us a completed Music Scholarship Recommendation Form.

These people can be ensemble directors, private lesson teachers, music ministers, or any other person who can speak authoritatively about your musicality.

Fill out the top portion of the form before you give it to your reference. The person completing the Recommendation Form should mail or fax the form directly to MCC.

It is highly recommended that you ensure we receive your recommendation forms prior to your audition. While it is not mandatory for us to have them prior to your audition, MCC cannot send you scholarship results until we receive them.

Important: Only the official MCC Music Scholarship Recommendation Form will be accepted; emails or letters will not be accepted.

Step 4: Arrive at MCC prior to your audition time.

Arrive at the Performing Arts Center at least a half hour before your scheduled audition time. Practice rooms will be available to warm up. You will be escorted into the audition room when the faculty are ready to hear you.

Link: Map to the MCC Performing Arts Center

Step 5: Expect a letter from the Scholarship Committee.

All applicants will receive a letter notifying them of their audition results. This usually takes about 3 weeks to arrive. If it has been more than 3 weeks and you haven’t received a letter, please contact the Music Department Secretary.

Step 6: Return the Music Scholarship Offer Reply Form.

If you are offered a music scholarship, you will receive a letter informing you of the amount of your reward and the requirements for receiving it. The letter will also contain a Reply Form, two copies of the Terms of Agreement (which specify the requirements) and a return envelope. Please return the Reply Form and one copy of the Terms of Agreement by the specified deadline. If you miss the deadline, you are at risk of losing the award. If you need additional time to consider the offer, please contact the Music Department Secretary prior to the deadline. If you accept the offer and then change your mind about attending MCC or accepting the award, it is important for you to let us know as soon as possible so that the award may be offered to another qualified applicant.

Step 7: Register for your assigned music ensemble.

Once you have returned the above materials to MCC, your next step is to register for courses. If you receive a music scholarship, you must make an appointment to register with Ms. Lise Uhl (