Safety Manual


Revised May, 2017

The college recognizes its obligation to provide for environmental health and safety on the campus. This means that steps will be taken to minimize health hazards and risk of injury. The physical well being of students, faculty, staff, and visitors must be given due consideration. This manual establishes appropriate safety standards and guidelines for the operation and facilities of the institution.

The responsibility for the Environmental Health and Safety Program is assigned to the Vice President of Finance & Administration; however, the success of this program requires the full cooperation of faculty, staff, and students. In adhering to applicable rules, standards, codes, and regulations, ensuring safe practices is the immediate responsibility of department heads. This responsibility will include general education in safe practices and specialized training in safe use of equipment and facilities in a particular department.

The college has a safety committee of 8-12 members appointed by the Vice President of Finance & Administration, Vice President of Instruction, Vice President of Research, Effectiveness and Information Technology, and Vice President of Student Success. The Safety Committee meets quarterly to maximize campus safety by identifying and evaluating possible health and safety issues and recommending and implementing policies, procedures, and physical changes. The committee evaluates and updates the Safety Manual annually.

The safety rules, procedures, and practices described in this manual are not to be misconstrued as representing all safety rules, procedures, and practices that should be utilized at McLennan Community College or that may apply to any one specific category.

Table of Contents

Personal Responsibility for Safety View
Emergency Procedures View
Motor Vehicle View
Hazard Communication Program View
Solvents, Chemical Cleaning, Water Treatment and Other Chemicals View
Waste Water Procedures View
Lifting View
Ladders, Platforms and Barricades View
Tools and Equipment View
Power Tools View
Child Development Center Food Service View
Electrical Work View
Vehicle and Machine Repair View
Office Safety View
Physical Plant View
Power Groundskeeping Equipment View

Appendix A - Fire Incident Report
Appendix B - Accident Information Exchange Form
Appendix C - McLennan Community College Campus Police Incident Report
Appendix D - Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report
Appendix E - Employee’s Notice of Injury

Attachment A - Workplace Chemical List
Attachment B - Employee Training Roster
Attachment C - Employee Training Sheet
Attachment D - Notice to Employees (English)
Attachment E - Notice to Employees (Spanish)

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