Restart with a Success Coach

Restart with a Coach in Your Corner!

As a participant in the McLennan Community College Highlander Restart program, we invite and encourage you to meet with a Success Coach throughout the semester so that you have the resources and support to reach your goals.

What’s a Success Coach?

Success Coaches are individuals from various backgrounds who are familiar with the academic and personal challenges of higher education, such as class workload, financial aid issues, career choices, and balancing life outside the classroom.  Coaches believe students are the experts on their own lives, and coaches are willing and eager to walk alongside you as you discover your own strengths and capabilities. Coaches meet with students one-on-one to help them: 

  • Articulate their goals
  • Develop their strengths and skills
  • Discover new strategies (such as time/stress management, conflict resolution, study tips, etc.), and
  • Identify relevant campus or community resources to reach their goals. 

Benefits of Coaching: 

  • Greater academic success: In fall 2019 and spring 2020, over 75% of students on Academic Suspension who met with a Success Coach 3 or more times and completed a mid-semester check-in with their professors passed their classes. The pass rate of students who met with a coach 2 or fewer times during that same time frame dropped below 60%. 
  • Support system: Think of a Success Coach as an extra cheerleader in your corner. No matter what comes your way, you’ll have someone there to celebrate your successes and troubleshoot your challenges. 
  • Connection to resources: Navigating a college campus can be intimidating. There are a ton of resources, but it’s not always easy to know where to start. Your coach is well-versed in campus resources AND resources within the greater Waco community to help you take care of your personal and financial needs so that you can stay on track towards your goals. 
  • An advocate: When you invest in yourself by spending time with a coach, they become an advocate for you. Whether it’s navigating communication challenges with a professor, or appealing for continued financial aid at the end of the semester, your coach can advocate for you when they know you and your story. 


The more you give to your coaching relationship, the more you will get out of it.  If you choose to connect with a coach, we encourage you to keep in contact with them regularly, whether that’s over email, text, Zoom, or through face-to-face meetings.

Even if you choose not to connect with a coach, the Success Coach team will be checking in with your professors during the semester to monitor your academic progress as a participant in the Restart Program. A coach may contact you to remind you of our services and see if you need additional assistance at any point during the semester.


 Contact us at 254.299.8226 or, or stop by Success Coaching Services located on the second floor of the Student Services building.