Business Management

If you are looking to start a management career, start your own business or advance in your current job, you will get the tools you need to succeed in our management program. Course requirements focus on a broad range of skills and necessary training for those entering or working in supervisory positions or small-business management.

For both the two-year degree and the one-year certificate programs, courses emphasize people skills, communication, problem solving, decision making, planning and organizing. Students in the degree program will also complete three semester-long internships with local businesses to enhance their studies and provide real work experience.

Entry-level positions open to those completing the program include customer service manager, production management trainee, small-business owner and sales manager.


The mission of the Management Department is to provide quality education and training in management, human resource management, team-building, leadership and entrepreneurship. This instructional department is responsible for improving: the planning, leading, organizing, controlling and decision-making skills of learners; creating an entrepreneurial spirit within our students; improving the academic persistence among students through advising, counseling and tutoring; and increasing the training opportunities and qualifications for workers needed in local organizations.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

This one-year certificate program provides the foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to pursue small business opportunities. Students explore the variety, scope and challenges of small businesses, whether they are home-based operations, consulting services, manufacturing companies or retail operations. The program includes the practical aspects of creating and managing a small business, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, management and leadership—and why an effective blend of these skills is critical to success.

This program will explore the opportunities and challenges inherent in starting your own business. It is designed for people who wish to gain expertise in areas that will assist them in starting or running a small business.

You will study small business management, negotiation and conflict resolution, selling, advertising, payroll, business law, financial management, and entrepreneurship.

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